Akiese, new Tampa Hip Hop rapper has begun to make some real noise in the Tampa bay market. Akiese originally from Cleveland Ohio recently dropped a new music video which features some of Tampa Bay’s brightest stars. The new video Go Hard which was produced by Akiese features Famous Kid Brick & VH1’s Rehab start Drewbee Arthur. The classic “Go Hard” record has been the talk of the town since it’s recent release.

Tampa Hip Hop On A Rise?

Tampa has been know for having tons of local talent. The hip hop scene is one of the best features of the city if you are into good entertainment or have a foot into the music scene. Akiese is currently working on his latest video for the hot single My Star which features Florida’s r&b sensation Young Joe. Young Joe made his nationwide debt on 2 Pistols Lights Down Low which went on to sale over a million copies.

Where Will Tampa Hip Hop Go Next?

Tampa is now getting some nationwide support from the music community. With one of the largest radio networks in the country, artist are now looking to break out the Tampa market. Akiese has been working the “Tampa Hip Hop” scene for over 1 year. This talented artist has start to see some buzz on his name after the single “Racks In The Air” went public featuring 2 Pistols & Famous Kid Brick. Tampa might be considered the jump of state for Akiese.

Tampa Hip Hop Super Star

Akiese is defiantly considered to be the next big Tampa hip hop music star. As Akiese works on his new music video’s he has made it a point to create new music with Florida’s heavy hitters. Never before has Tampa had such a artist with the drive and dedication as Akiese. Akiese will be touring the U.S. In mid 2013.

Akiese Opens The Door For Tampa Hip Hop

Tampa has been thought to be one of the best places to break a new record, but also considered the hardest. Many Florida artist go make it in the region seem to go on to do some big things in music & film. If Akiese is the next big star for Tampa you can rest assured the Tampa Hip Hop door to the music industry will be opened.

The Search For Tampa Hip Hop

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