Cleveland Hip Hop rapper Akiese does it again! Akiese a Cleveland native recently returned to the city with new smash summer single featuring recent people’s choice award winner “Skitso”. The new single (Where I’m From) took the city by storm after the release of the music video filmed in Cleveland.

The New Cleveland Hip Hop

Akiese & Skitso are most known for some of there previous works, such as Debut albums (It’s A Hood Thang 1 & 2, and hit single Chill-N-Chop It Up). Akiese & Skitso have been working on classic records for the Cleveland Hip Hop scene since a early age. Being both from the w.130th area these two artist combined forces to make one powerhouse of a team. The Cleveland hip hop community is now becoming supporters of Akiese & Skitso in a big way. Skitso After winning the Ohio Hip Hop Awards People’s Choice Award has been on a steady incline every since.

Taking Cleveland Hip Hop To Tampa

Akiese now residing in FL, and soon to release his new album which will be available late summer. Akiese is also rapidly gaining exposure through his music, directing, filming, and editing in the FL region. The new single “Where I’m From” was one of many Akiese works of art. This urban style music video demonstrated some of the amazing film work, and landmarks Cleveland has to offer.

Cleveland Hip Hop was for some time at a stand still, with no new artist coming out the area since Kid Cudi. Akiese & Skitso seem to be the next big hip hop sensations we will be seeing in the near future coming out of Cleveland.

Where Will Cleveland Hip Hop Be In 5

When you look at where today’s music scene is headed, you can easy see why Akiese & Skitso will be standing on the forefront as top artist. These two artist poses the ability to keep current with today’s music trend, while never loosing that direct connection to the people. In the near future we can expect to see these two artist on top of the Cleveland Hip Hop roster for radio airplay, many major events, and national tours.


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